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Neoprene-Sheet Price in Lahore

Neoprene-Sheet Price in Lahore

Neoprene Sheet | CR Rubber Sheet

OurNeoprene Sheet is usually in black color. It has excellent resistance to any kind of impact and abrasions and also has good elastic properties. Neoprene Sheet exhibits unmatched mechanical strength, excellent flexibility, and second to none resistance to fire and high temperatures. It shows good resistance to any petroleum based oils and fuel, and thus makes it perfect for sealing and isolating applications. They also have excellent anti-vibration properties. They are even stable when exposed to UV rays and are resistant to the harmful effects of ozone, and extreme weather conditions. Neoprene Sheet have outstanding adhesion to metal surfaces and is available in a variety of choices depending on specific gravity, hardness, chloroprene content, mechanical properties and surface finish as well.


The rubber has superb weathering and ozone resistant properties as well as being suitable for use with greases, inorganic salts, acids, water and oils. This means that it is ideal for a whole range of outdoor uses, particularly where there is extensive exposure to water and the weather. Because of these qualities, Neoprene is also used for applications such as corrosion-resistant coatings and landfill linings. Seals, hoses and gaskets are made from Neoprene rubber sheeting and are often used with refrigerants and oils, both animal and vegetable. Neoprene rubber sheeting is also used to provide noise isolation in power transformers and as a base for adhesives. It’s resistance to burning has led to it being used as weather stripping for fire doors.


  • Thickness from 1mm to 50mm
  • Width 1.2 meter and 1.5 meter (we can produce up to 2 meter width)
  • (We have stock from 1mm to 50mm thick)
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