Product Detail about High Quality Clamp

Heavy Duty

T-Type Clamp

& safety clamps in best quality and use for connecting clamps also, these are high strength high torque stainless steel T type and Hose clamps, we are wholesaler and manufacturer heavy-duty Spring T type hose Clamps, Best Price all Industrial Rubber Parts & products, stainless steel T-Bolt band hose clamp, Stainless Steel Clamp 304 T Type Clamp, T Type Hose Clamp barrel hardware clamp, T bolt spring clamp fuel injection hose clamp auto pipe clamp, best quality & many kinds and categories available in Lahore, We provide best quality Heavy Duty Clamp all over Pakistan,

Product Detail
  • Products are meet the standard of RoHS & REACH
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • The punched perforated band enables clamps to install easily and hold tightening
  • Available Multi-clamping range
  • Made in Taiwan and other Regions