Hydraulic hose for high working pressure

Apr 25, 2020 – A hydraulic hose creates for Transmit hydraulic fluid to hydraulic Elements, valves, actuators, and tools. It is used in industries, agriculture, refrigeration, and aviation application as well.

Owing to great pressure bearing strength, it is also ideal for offshore oilfield resistance.

Made of graded metallic alloy & synthetic rubber, there is a smooth orifice that permits for low-pressure drop and better flow rate.

Hydraulic hoses use for highest pressure fluid

The hydraulic hose has a crack-proof surface robust construction, lightweight, and great kind resistant. Hydraulic Hoses for Highest Pressure. thermoplastic high-pressure hoses are developed and produced for high working pressures

Ali Enterprises Pakistan not only sells we also produce complete assemblies and make it useful for highest pressure produced of top quality

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