Anti Slip Flooring Rubber Sheet

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July 19, 2020
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August 9, 2020
Anti Slip Flooring Rubber Sheet

Anti Slip Flooring Rubber Sheet

Anti Slip Flooring Rubber Sheet, We have a wind range of Rubber mat, rubber sheet & rubber roll in the anti-slip design

these are produced by the drum-type vulcanizing press (Protocure) or vulcanizing press with NBR, NR/SBR, EPDM, neoprene, PVC, etc. this rubber products thickness is 3-6 mm and manufacture by the drum-type vulcanizing press Rotocure and its surface are shiny, and the thickness of 7-20mm is manufactured by the vulcanizing press for get the higher thick thickness.

these are waterproof and have excellent performance, its not only anti-slip its also shake-proof.  Apply to the worktable,  laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, mezzanine, linoleum, floor tiles, EPDM, hardwood flooring, terrazzo, wood flooring, epoxy floor, linoleum floor, linoleum flooring, parquet flooring,  lvt flooring, ceramic tile, mezzanine floor porcelain tile, kitchen floor tiles, floor, and aisle on hotel, auditoria, airport, harbor, vessel, vehicle and warehouse etc. Designed to protect floor surface and give handsome, ideal for walkway require sound absorption and heavy traffic places, anti-static and nonconductive for added protection, specially formulate heavy-duty, installer-grade material, provide improved traction and slip-resistance, reduces the amount of dirt tracked into the home, helps prevent concrete deterioration, vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate, prevent concrete, soil, and water contamination, overlap or butt together for a seamless look, hides cracks & stains in older floors, cushioned comfort for walking & working, thermal insulation and noise reduction, ultra-durable Formulated to last for years, easy installation without adhesives required, clean and move when it is needed.

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Anti Slip Flooring Rubber Sheet

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